Calendar / poster 2023

CALENDAR – POSTER: size 50x70cm. 


What do You think, woodpeckers are doing in New York ???

They restore balance 🙂 

And let this New Year be just like that…

Decorative calendars

best gift

In 2015 the first calendar with my works was created, and it was thanks to you asking if my paintings could be available as reproductions. It has become tradition to summarize each year this way and the calendar is a colorful present that you give to your loved ones. 

It is decorative and when the year ends the images can be framed and hanged as posters.

The 2018 calendar consists of fairy tales. Their message is universal so it is not meant as a gift for children only. The calendar is interactive, it can be colored and given an individual trait.

People are changing all the time, I am changing too, and so is my creation, and this process is reflected in illustrations for the calendars each year.