Painting is a way to express oneself.
It is being here and now with what is and accepting it as it is.
It is also acknowledging one’s beauty and reaching the potential that everyone has.
Each time it is a journey and adventure
That become the beginning of something new.

Painting gives the opportunity to look at oneself,
the world, and people around in a different way

.As Marel Proust put it:
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Calendar / poster 2021

CALENDAR – POSTER: size 50x70cm. Three colors

This year, the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano Pele entered the calendar.

This illustration is much more than a longing for travel and dreams of finding yourself in the proverbial paradise.
The volcano is a beautiful symbol of inner strength, creation and self-expression.
It is also materialization. Revival. Creating a NEW WORLD on fertile volcanic lava soil.

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