Painting is a way to express oneself.
It is being here and now with what is and accepting it as it is.
It is also acknowledging one’s beauty and reaching the potential that everyone has.
Each time it is a journey and adventure
That become the beginning of something new.

Painting gives the opportunity to look at oneself,
the world, and people around in a different way

.As Marel Proust put it:
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Calendar / poster 2023

CALENDAR – POSTER: size 50x70cm. 


What do You think, woodpeckers are doing in New York ???

They restore balance 🙂 

And let this New Year be just like that…

Medytation labyrinth

POSTER: size 50x70cm. 


The pattern from the floor of the Chartres cathedral enchanted me with its beauty, I was even more delighted with its idea and application possibilities. 

One path leads to the center of the maze. Long and winding. There are no shortcuts here, but also no dead ends. You cannot get lost, but you can find yourself. 

This path is a metaphor for human life. Journey inside, where all the answers are.

It is a journey for a treasure that you will not find outside. Walking the path of the maze is beautiful meditation. Stopping (despite moving), focusing on yourself and your TRUTH. A truth that, when accepted, may be shocking at times, but always a RELEASING. 

Traveling through the maze helps you hear yourself and trust a higher force that guides each of us. Walking through the maze helps you relax and calm down. You can walk on it with intention or with a big question mark.  “I DON’T KNOW” is the place with the greatest potential and where anything can happen.

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