I warmly welcome everyone who would like to try painting for the first time and find out that it is not as scary as it seems
has some experience in painting and is looking for new ways to approach it

Those who have taken part in the workshops often return
Every workshop is different
It is created by people, their stories and images
It is a place for fun, reflection and inspiration
What happens during the workshop works long afterwards


Painting with Karolina felt like going back to my childhood joy.
Thanks to her unconventional approach and a few simple suggestions I quit my traditional schemes and followed my intuition and imagination. In addition, I experienced an internal transformation and found answers to questions that had been bothering me. What seemed to be just painting turned into work with emotions and convictions on a deep level, subtle on the outside but the effect was stunning. I have participated in the workshops 3 times and I would love to take part again.

Wera B.

I believe that the most valuable element of Karolina’s workshops is the way they were created, based on her own experience. That is why everything about the workshops is alive, real, free of any schemes. Each group of people creates one unique atmosphere and receives something special. You can take part in this inspiring activity many times and you will never get bored. Everything is created in the moment, yet there is no chaos and there is a goal to be achieved, which is to discover the participants’ internal inspirations and potential that they are often not aware of. Creating such atmosphere, combining serious internal work with natural spontaneity and fun is a big achievement. Karolina is great in doing that thanks to her own experience and talent for creating open and kind atmosphere. I have very warm memories from my participation. There is something left of it.


I took part in Karolina’s intuitive painting workshops when I already had three of her paintings at home. One day I “accidently” came across her painting titled “Fulfillment” and I couldn’t get it out of my body or head. It is hanging in my bedroom. When I heard that Karolina ran the workshops I signed up as the first participant. I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t just about painting. It was something that overwhelmed my whole body and changed many elements in my life puzzle. Painting was the final combination of many techniques used by Karolina during the workshops and often optimized for individual needs of every participant. In addition to many transformations and processes, there was a lot of laughter, good energy and surprising pleasure.


Painting workshop with Karolina – I have taken part in a few, because I felt the need to go again and again. Every workshop was different, the atmosphere was clear and there was creative space for experiencing myself. The general idea of the activities expands the consciousness in a delicate way, like background music. Paintings created during the workshop are still with me, I have repainted some of them as a result of changes in my life. I also met fantastic people there. Karolina is a cool person with whom I like to share thoughts and experiences. I heartily recommend the workshops, meetings, organized by Karolina.

Sylwia Dusza

Workshops with Karolina are a risky business You leave your home behind you: with its comfort, old habits, thoughts and judgements. You don’t know where they will lead you.
It is an adventure that changes you: more, less, with new baggage of experience that you will never gain in your everyday life. This is an adventure, and like every adventure it is unpredictable and gives you the chance to face your own self. It is a journey to your deep self, to new areas of yourself.

Agnieszka Golińska