Karolina Cegiełkowska

About Me

Life is a constant adventure.

In every corner of the world, even the nearest one, you can find something interesting. This is why I paint and illustrate, why I combine different forms and colors, every day. I create colorful design.

Intuition is my family and creativity my friend.

In this team, work is a pleasure, every exercise an adventure that holds the possibility of discovering new places, meeting interesting people, and gaining new experiences.


Here is my life motto, slogan found on the tram stop, someone beautifully dressed in words.

I invite you to take this journey together.


Few more words

I am an architect by profession.

After ending my career in this filed, I started my adventure with art, coaching and personal growth in its broad sense.

The experience I gained during years of working as an architect gave me a solid foundation and shaped the way I think about space and see the world.

It also taught me team work.

Further search developed my intuition and sensitivity. Thanks to this I easily adapt to various artistic projects. You can see some of them here.

If you want to find out how it all started you can read the full story under this link.