Calendar / poster 2021

Calendar / poster 2021

Calendar / poster 2021

 This year, the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano Pele entered the calendar.

This illustration is much more than a longing for travel and dreams of finding yourself in the proverbial paradise.
The volcano is a beautiful symbol of inner strength, creation and self-expression.
It is also materialization. Revival. Creating a NEW WORLD on fertile volcanic lava soil.

The inner comes to the surface and recognizes the light.
The Earth merges with heaven after a long time apart.
It is the long-awaited Age of Aquarius and a change in the way of thinking about the world and functioning in it.

I wish you all breath, freshness and a new quality of life in 2021. 

CALENDAR – POSTER: size 50x70cm

Printed on high qaulity white paper 240g
Packaged in carton tube (without frame)

PRICE: 35 EUR +delivery costs

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